About The Venue

Little Olde Gallery is a vintage 1960s Singapore styled house nested in the heart of Tanjong Katong. With specially curated vintage furniture and decor items, every corner is a photo opportunity.

Timeless romance of musical instruments are abound in this quaint vintage house, featuring composer busts, violins, cellos and even two pianos. The instruments make it perfect for LIVE music at Little Olde Gallery, and we can even provide the musicians for your evening. Mr Elgar Kwek was a child prodigy and has performed with one of the best orchestras in the world.

Think entertainment and endless cam-whoring. Little olde gallery features a room of fun and debauchery, and you can take turns handcuffing your friends to the four poster bed that has set the scene for many local movies shot here.

Moody sultry scenes of seduction or simply, poses with the blow up doll that has appeared in too many photoshoots that were done in the house.

Every bag, every radio, every turn table in the house is working and curated painstakingly by Mr Elgar Kwek, whose passion for the 1960s is evident in his lovely collection of cameras, TVs, fans and lights. Every light you see in the house is a restored light that has been found and restored to its formal glory. No detail is missed, and if you are looking for a venue which is romantic, detailed and truly 1960s to early 1970s, get in touch to book at just $100/hour.

With about 1800 square feet of space, 100 guests can fit comfortably standing or if seating, we have about 30 chairs available. More chairs can be catered at a per chair costing.

What's Great About Little Olde Gallery
  • Truly curated vintage house with furniture
  • Free corkage and freedom to use your own caterer
  • Free cleaning is included in this low rate
  • Loads of hanging points and customizable spaces for your banners and backdrops
  • Plenty of public transport nearby, Dakota MRT Station and buses


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